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Windows Pay For Themselves

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Millennium Windows Pay For Themselves in Energy Savings and Increased Home Value

You can spend your money on Energy (Utility) Bills -OR – You can invest your money on a Better Standard of Living with new MILLENNIUM™ Windows for your home.

It’s up to you! The utility companies will gladly continue to take your hard-earned money- if you let them. Wouldn’t it be better if you could take a portion of that same money you would (will) send to the Utility companies and transfer it over to pay for your new windows instead?

Just think – the same money spent – but now you have great new MILLENNIUM™ Windows with all the benefits that come with them (Nice to Have & Use, Tremendous Energy Savings, Increased Home Value, etc) Instead of having just another utility bill.

AND – We can determine how long it takes anyone to recoup money invested in new windows by looking at individual Energy Savings and/or increased Re-sale Value.

Texas Window Initiative – A Consumer Guide for Windows

According to the Texas Window Initiative, 46% of all your energy costs are window related. For those of us who have a utility bill that averages $250 per month…..that’s $1380 per year spent on faulty windows

New windows can save up to 50% over the builder’s grade products that are on your home now!

(That’s a savings of $690 in the first year alone.)

TWI is a consortium of power companies that are facing brown outs due to a lack of Electrical Plants here in Texas. They have no reason to sell you windows…and yet .., look at what they have to say about your energy loss and replacement windows.

Energy Savings

If 46% of energy costs are window related…here is what we know about Double-Paned windows that are produced today:

Ordinary Double-Paned windows are 30% better than the Double-Paned Windows produced just 10 years ago……… and more than twice as efficient as single paned windows.

Acri Windows exclusive MILLENNIUM™ Windows are approximately twice as energy efficient as ordinary double-paned windows even when including Low E and Argon gas.

Present and Future Energy Costs

USA TODAY 12-6-05 Homeowners to face an average 25.7% higher heating bills over last year

Energy Costs will rise 15% per year for the next 10 years.

The United States Department of Energy has announced that energy costs will rise 15% per year for at least the next ten years.

Your $200 Electric Bill will be $704 per month in ten years.

Taking steps towards energy efficiency is the only way to stop it….We can help!


This Chart, while showing total expenditures over time, also shows the net savings you can receive. Saving just $50 per month will save $4,654.00 in just five years and $12,183.00 in only ten years…

This is money that you will spend on utilities or you can invest in windows to improve your comfort and standard of living!

Either way, it is your money you will spend/invest it……..on something!


In virtually all instances Replacement Windows pay for themselves in a matter of only a few years!


This next graph is a wonderful chart made up by the Energy Department. It shows the same basic information as the previous chart only in a slightly different format.

Choose the current amount of your utility bill on the left side of the chart. The following columns will illustrate how much your bill will increase over the next ten years.

The last three columns show what your potential energy savings will be. For the person with the $200 utility bill, the savings of 25% will translate to $12,183 in ten years time.

For the person with the $300 per month bill, who can do their entire home with Energy Star Rated products, the potential savings is over $24,000 over a ten year period.

FIND OUT NOW….How much money you can save by replacing your old windows with New Custom Made MILLENNIUM™ Replacement Windows Exclusively from Acri Windows!

Increased Home Values

There are numerous independent sources out there that all agree that installing new replacement windows in your home will increase your homes value.

Let’s take a look at a couple of these independent sources now:

Project Description

Replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hung windows with wood replacement windows, double-glazed and exterior clad in vinyl or aluminum. Wrap existing exterior trim as required to match. Don’t disturb existing interior trim.

Find Out How You Save $$!
  • Changing Your Windows Can Save $$
  • Rejuvinate Your Home's Look
  • Reduced Energy Consumption