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Safer and More Secure Home

Acri Windows & Doors / Safer and More Secure Home

Make your home safer and more secure

Products installed by Acri Window Millennium Windows are designed to be tough to give you the best possible protection at your home’s most vulnerable intruder points—your windows and doors. Our heavy-duty frames and sashes, superior locking hardware and a unique process for bonding the glass to the frame give Acri Window Millennium Windows added strength and security. These and other features enable our windows to surpass all industry forced-entry tests. For even greater security—and numerous other benefits— Acri Window Millennium Windows offers acclaimed HURRICANE WINDOWS WITH WEATHER STOPPER.


Locks prevent intruders and keep our homes safe. Night latches allow safety even when allowing ventilation. Windows that operate properly assure a means of escape in case of fire.


The appearance of new windows makes crooks move on to the neighbor’s house. Double locks on Double-paned glass windows are one of the most secure windows money can buy. Keeps our personal possessions in our possession.

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