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Millennium™ Windows

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The Best Value In Replacement Windows Today!

MILLENNIUM™Windows are made for and sold Exclusively through Acri Windows and are not available elsewhere.  Utilizing our many years of combined experience in the home-improvement industry (Over 100 years); we searched extensively for a means to develop an exclusive vinyl window that would truly meet the needs of North Texas homeowners.  The result was a window that we believe to be one of the most Performance advanced replacement windows on the market today; Our MILLENNIUM™ Window line.

“MILLENNIUM™” Windows incorporate our trademarked company formula designed specifically for our North Texas climate, making them clearly the best vinyl replacement windows for North Texas homeowners. Our High-Performance MILLENNIUM™ WINDOWS are manufactured with a proprietary process that Acri Windows Millennium Windows purchased for the retro-fit window market in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area and 65 miles radius. No other company has anything close to the energy efficiency (Performance) ratings that our “MILLENNIUM™” Windows have. In fact, we can demonstrate to you that our MILLENNIUM™” Windows are approximately TWICE as energy efficient as regular vinyl replacement window that has only Low E and Argon gas.

We would love to further show you that our “MILLENNIUM™” Windows allow Only about 3% of the sun’s heat rays into your home. That means that 97% of the sun’s energy robbing and fading rays are kept out of your home. This result will vastly improve your potential energy savings. With this extreme energy savings, you can count on paying for your new Acri Windows MILLENNIUM™ Windows much faster than traditional Low E – Argon windows you can purchase from other companies. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Our “MILLENNIUM™” Windows start with a top-of-the-line custom-made vinyl replacement window or door. So, we have most of the best features offered by other companies as our base unit. Then, we have our manufacturer apply our trademarked MILLENNIUM™ glass process to all units.

MILLENNIUM™ Plus Low–E Glass
Guarantees You Year-Round Savings & Comfort

MILLENNIUM™ glass products from Acri Windows give you year-round energy savings and comfort by helping manage the sun’s energy and the heating system energy in your home. MILLENNIUM™glass products are coated with microscopically-thin, optically transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings.

How Low-E Works

The MILLENNIUM™Low-E allows most natural light to enter freely but reflects a significant portion of long and short wave heat energy.

In the summer

MILLENNIUM™glass products let in visible sunlight while blocking infrared and ultraviolet solar energy that drives up cooling costs and damages curtains, window treatments, carpeting and furnishings.

The MILLENNIUM™Low-E coating manages the sun’s heat in the summer by reducing the amount of heat transferred through the window in the summer. The MILLENNIUM™Low-E coating filters the sun’s short-wave radiation, which cuts down on the amount of solar heat gain into your building. For summer comfort, the lower the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort.

In the winter

MILLENNIUM™glass products offer greater comfort and reduced heating costs by reflecting room-side heat back into the room.

The sun’s energy is “SHORT WAVE RADIATION” which passes through the window and is absorbed by carpet, furniture, etc. The energy is then transformed into long wave radiation. The long wave radiation wants to flow from warm to cool. Naturally, it will try to escape from the glass. At night the radiant heats produced from furnaces, wood stoves, etc., will also want to escape out through the glazing.

The MILLENNIUM™ Low-E coating prevents this when the radiant room-side heat is reflected back into the building. This results in a lower winter U-value. For winter comfort, the higher the indoor glass temperature, the better the product is for comfort.

How Is It Done?

Soft coat MILLENNIUM™Low-E, or sputter coating, is applied in multiple layers of optically transparent silver sandwiched between layers of metal oxide in a vacuum chamber. This process provides the highest level of performance and a nearly invisible coating.

Our MILLENNIUM™ glass process involves taking clear glass and passing it through a state-of-the-art application process. A total of (8) eight layers of metallic and non-metallic elements are applied to the glass surface, resulting in a total of (9) nine layers of protection. The eight layers added to the glass total less than 1/1000 of an inch thick and the glass remains clear.

The nine layers in our MILLENNIUM™ glass process are:

1) Silicon Based Protective Overcoat

2) Zinc Oxide De-reflector

3) Titanium Barrier

4) Silver

5) Zinc Oxide De-reflector

6) Titanium Barrier

7) Silver

8) Zinc Oxide De-reflector

9) Glass

The coatings on MILLENNIUM™ glass products are virtually invisible to the eye – just like looking through clear glass. The coating lets in nearly all visible sunlight. Plus, there’s no haze or bluish cast associated with lower performance mid-emissivity coated glass products. Because the coatings are permanently sealed inside the window unit, MILLENNIUM™ products handle just like clear, meaning no special handling or cleaning requirements are needed.

Insulating glass units made with MILLENNIUM™ Plus Low-E coatings are filled with pure inert Argon or Krypton gas which limits the radiate and conductive loss of long-wave room-side heat energy passing through the window. With the MILLENNIUM™ Plus Low-E coating and Argon filling, the net result is a 104 percent performance improvement in winter night time R-value compared to non-coated air-filled insulating glass.

MILLENNIUM™ Plus Low-E coated glass is the Best-Performing of All low-emissivity glass products. MILLENNIUM™ Plus Low-E coated glass is designed for optimal year round performance and savings for most climates while still retaining a high visible light transmission.

Up to 9 degrees warmer winter glass surface & 5 % Heat Savings & 80 % Less condensation

 Intercept insulating glass technology integrates automated warm edge spacer fabrication, enabling manufacturers to produce insulating glass with superior thermal performance.


Structural Advantage

Intercept insulating glass utilizes spacers (thin stainless or plated steel strips) automatically formed into a one-piece glass spacer/ structural support that flexes instead of sealant during temperature changes to resists spacer movement and sealant failure.

See the difference for yourself with your FREE live in-home demonstration of our “MILLENNIUM™” Windows as you compare MILLENNIUM™ Windows to other window options available through other companies.

Call or email today to set up a Free – No Obligation Home Evaluation – And we will come to your house to show you the difference “MILLENNIUM™”Windows can make in your home!


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