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What’s Included

Acri Windows & Doors / What’s Included


Millennium Glass™ (98% Energy efficient)

• Proven Best glass technology for North Texas Home owners’ windows & doors.

LoE Glass

• Reflects homes heating from leaving the house.
• Reflects 95% of sun’s UV (heat & fade) rays away from house.
• twice the durability and strength as ordinary glass.

Insulated Argon gas-filled glaspaks

• Increases performance and sound control.

Insulated 7/8″ double-pane glasspak windows & 1″ IGU doors

• Best gap between the glass(s) for maximum efficiency in a thermo-pane window.

Double-thick, double-strength glass

• twice the durability and strength as ordinary glass

Three-point weather strip on all opening windows

• Allows for a much better seal than using only one or two wheather strips on opening sashes

Tilt-in for cleaning

• Makes cleaning your windows a breeze

Nite-time safety latches

• Nite-time Safety Latches allow you to lock the windows in an open position. Great for sleeping with the windows open on a nice night.

High-grade virgin vinyl frames

• Guaranteed not to degrade over time. (Lifetime/transferable)

Aluminum reinforced frames

• Get the best of both worlds; Get the Strength of the metal with the energy efficiency and maintenance-free benefits of the vinyl.
• Very important in North Texas with the prevalent house foundation shifting issues many encounter in our area over time.

Fusion-welded frames and sashes. *(very important in North Texas)

• Will not come apart when house shifts. (foundations – see above)

Interlocking meeting rails on every opening window

• Prevents air/wind penetration on windy days or nights.
• Acts as a burglar deterrent system by preventing jimmying locks open from outside of the window.

Two steel cam-locks on every opening window. (over 22″w)

• enables a more even pressure across the entire meeting rail resulting in tighter sealing windows.

Sloped step-sills

• Sloped Step-sills deflect water better in storms than ordinary sloped sills

Continuous lift rails

• Continuous Lift Rails improve using the windows much more than windows that only have handles.


• Professional and accurate measurement of all windows and/or doors down to an eighth of an inch.
• The proper and accurate ordering of all details of the project for the fabrication of products.
• Professional Installation by our crews.

• Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all installed windows.

• Best Value for the quality of window and/or door products combined with the expertise and finished beauty of experienced installation.



Frame color choices:

• White
• Beige/Almond
• Clay/Taupe
• Two-Tone windows start with one of the three main colors (white, beige or clay) which will be
displayed on the inside of the house, and then the customer(s) may choose ANY color for the outside
frame color. (Customers have chosen colors like bronze, dark green and black in the past.)
• Millennium Lightshield Glass™ – Darker tint/same efficiency as ҉ Millennium Glass™ (98% Energy efficient)

Obscured privacy glass choices

• Traditional obscured glass
• Rain glass

Tempered / safety glass

• required to meet code rules for houses.
• Safer because safety glass breaks like car windshield rather than how ordinary glass often breaks jagged.

Grid Choices:

• Prairie Style
• Colonial Style
• Cathedral Style
• Internal Standard flat smooth grids
• Internal Contoured narrow grids
• External (SDL) Standard Divided-lite grids = (raised grids on the inside & outside surface of windows producing a more dramatic effect).


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